Band Members

Peace Asselin: Lead vocals

"I love to sing and providing an atmosphere where others feel safe to sing and dance and have fun. I’ve been singing professionally for about 10 years now singing with local cover bands such as Double Take, Rebel Lane and Ovation.  I’ve also been a Karaoke Dj at The Glenview Pub & Grill in Chelmsford MA and working for Curtis Knight Entertainment at Grand Buffet in Nashua, NH.  Some of my favorite music to sing is Journey, Pat Benatar, Van Halen, Heart, and Led Zeppelin."

Ellie Brigida: Lead vocals and Guitar

Ellie Brigida grew up in Dorchester and has been singing professionally since 2012. She has performed with Cape Harmony, Cape Cod's professional all-female a cappella group and Snowday, an educational vocal band in Washington D.C. She performs regularly at bars and restaurants around Boston and loves to bring joy to audiences with her music and energetic performances. 


Henry Zagarella: lead vocals and keytar

Henry was born in Beverly MA, has been singing rock music for more than a decade.  Some of his favorite artists are Bruce Springsteen, Eagles, and Sam Cooke.  Henry studied jazz music in college and recently graduated with his Bachelor's in Vocal Performance.  He loves to sing and perform, as well as play trombone and piano.  Henry and his friends have an album on Spotify and Apple Music called "Leaving In The Night" by Steve and The Believers, which features original rock and funk music that they mixed and mastered themselves.  Henry is extremely passionate about music, and can't wait to perform more.

Ken Hawkes: Drums, percussion Keyboards, and midi  programming

As well as playing the drums for the band I program all the backing keyboard tracks. This allows us to play songs while having a string orchestra and or a horn section supporting the band.

Ken is a 1991 Berklee graduate with a BA in music and I enjoy playing Jazz as much as rocking with this band.

The first gig that I can recall was playing on a golf course in St Louis MI for a Farmer of the year award. I played with a small Dixieland Band and I think I made about $80. I had no clue as what I was doing. I was 12 or 13 at the time.


Seth Nobles; Gtr and Backing vocals

Seth is a 21 year- old guitarist located in Salem, MA.  Originally from Chicago, IL, he has been playing guitar and studying music for over 11 years, as well as gigging, recording, and writing music with different bands and as a solo performer. He has achieved fluency in a variety of genres and has established himself as a particularly accomplished player on the North Shore of Boston.


Bob Whitlinger; Bass, lead and backing vocals

"Bob has been messing around with various forms of guitar and bass since the early 70s. After watching Sonny on The Sonny and Cher Show, he realized that talent was not a requirement for success in the music business. Encouraged by this, he kept on playing vinyl albums at 16 RPM instead of the usual 33 1/3 to slo-o-o-wly learn the secrets of rock.


Raised by a series of television sets (mostly B&W), he was exposed to massive doses of Monty Python, Gomer Pyle, Gilligan's Island, and Star Trek at an early age, and still makes references to SPAM, lumberjacks, pointy Vulcan ears, and Sgt. Schultz of Hogan's Heroes ("I know NUH-THING!!"). For a long time, he mistakenly thought the Holy Trinity was Moe, Larry, and Curly, and directed his prayers accordingly. Sunday evenings were spent crouching by a small transistor radio speaker, listening to The Dr. Demento Show. This explains a lot.


A scholarship to clown college turned out to be a fraudulent pyramid scheme, and early plans to become an astronaut were dismantled along with NASA's space program, although he continued a steady diet of Pillsbury Space Food Sticks (Chewy Chocolate). Looking for an entrance to polite society, or at least an unattended back door, he took a job as a custodian at a local YMCA. The minimum wage was $4.35/hr.


A 1987 graduate from Berklee College of Music, he likens his degree to an 8x10 poster of MAD Magazine's Alfred E. Neuman: "Suitable for framing or wrapping fish." In addition to playing in 4 or 5 bands, he is currently an instructor at the West Newbury School of Music. In his spare time, he also gives end-of-the-world lecture/rants with a fake beard and a cardboard sign in front of Wal-Mart."


Ian Mc Oxenballs: Spiritual Guru, keyboards, Dance, and Choreography coach.

Ian has played with so many people in his life but his memory is so bad that he can't remember any of their names. A former porn star (was once known as the "Snake"), Ian now makes his living volunteering himself for clinical experiments at hospitals.